Miguel Hernández University

Academic Management

The Academic Management Service at the Miguel Hernández University is responsible for the coordination and administration of courses taught at the university.

This service coordinates and manages all the procedures related to admission, pre-registration, and enrollment, issues official qualification certificates, and coordinates planning of first and second cycle degree courses, university master's and PhD, UMH Courses, and all educational activities that complement university education.

This service also provides information and orientation about university degrees for future students and for those who are already studying at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

For information about undergraduate admissions, pre-registration, or enrollment, contact Joaquin Miralles Mir:joaquin.miralles(arroba)umh.es.

For information about master's admissions, pre-registration, or enrollment, contact Cristina Remiro Brotons:c.remiro(arroba)umh.es.

For information about admission, pre-registration, or enrollment for PhD, contact: Cristina Remiro Brotons:c.remiro(arroba)umh.es.


Academic Management