Miguel Hernández University


Various options exist for admitting new students, and depend upon each applicant's education. Applicants who have gone through Spanish schools may be admitted by taking the university entrance examination (Selectividad), in addition to being admitted as new students by passing a different exam, the contents of which differ depending upon their age, whether over 25, 40, or 45. For these older interested candidates, the UMH, in addition to offering entrance examinations for individuals within these age ranges, organizes and offers an introductory and preparatory course for interested applicants that provides the basic training necessary to gain university admission. These courses are called PAU 25, PAU 40, and PAU 45, and directed at interested individuals who may not possess a high school diploma yet yearn to take an examination that grants them university admission. These courses prepare and enable its students to take these unique admissions examinations in addition to providing guidance and study materials.


There are also other admissions options, such as the visiting student, for individuals, or Spanish or foreign university graduates, who, subsequent to the corresponding authorization, receive training at any university center. This does not mean that the UMH will academically recognize any previous education, nor the training received here at this university. Such training will serve solely for its educational value. In exceptional cases, this option is also available to applicants who do not possess university qualifications if they demonstrate, with the appropriate justification, to possess a sufficient level of knowledge in the specific area they seek to enroll.

The Miguel Hernández University of Elche has implemented a special tuition aid plan for undergraduate and master's students. This plan has two objectives: first, to offer financial aid to students who want to enroll at this university; and second, to enhance academic results in students.