Miguel Hernández University


1st registration period: 5 May to 3 July 2014.

2nd registration period: From 22 July to 9 September 2014.


Applicants must:

  • 1. Provide the information asked for in the application: University pre-registration.

  • 2. Hand in the documents asked for and the pre-registration copy to the General Register and/ or Auxiliaries, addressed to the Campus Administration Center corresponding to the Master Information.

  • 3. Documents to be presented or sent are the following:

    • a) Copy of the pre-registration, duly signed.

    • b) Valid ID or passport (original and photocopy or certified photocopy).

    • c) Qualification which permits admission to the master's or accreditation that it has been applied for and issuing fees have been paid. (Original and photocopy or certified photocopy)

    • d) Official academic certificate of marks. (Original and photocopy or certified photocopy.)

    • e) Curriculum vitae.

    • • Documents sent by post should include the original or certified photocopy.

    • • Applicants who have been students at the UMH are exempt from presenting originals for collation or certified photocopies. A photocopy of the documents asked for is sufficient.

    • • If the documents required are not presented in within the set dates, the pre-registration will be cancelled.

    • • In those cases where marks to be included are still pending, a sworn statement must be attached stating that once these marks have been included, the official university qualification which permits admission to the Master will be awarded.

Students who pre-register for the University Master for Teacher Training for Secondary Education, Professional Training and Language Teaching should also accredit their level in a foreign language at B1 level of the Common European Framework of Languages.

Students who pre-register for the University Master in Neurosciences should also accredit their foreign language level at A2 of the Common European Framework of Languages.