Miguel Hernández University


Persons interested in applying for entry into a doctoral program must complete the pre-registration and the following the procedure:

Applicants hand in a duly completed and signed signed pre-registration form to either the UMH General Registry (Rectorate Building, ground floor) or any auxiliary registries (campus management centers). Here is its link: University pre-registration..

The following documents must be provided:

  • a) All applicants must hand in:

    • • Pre-registration form, duly signed.

    • • For foreign applicants, a photocopy of their national identity card or passport.

    • • Curriculum Vitae.

  • b) According to academic level:

    • 1. Applicants possessing both a university undergraduate and a master's degree:

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the undergraduate and master's degrees.

    • 2. Students with at least 300 ECTS degree credits:

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the university degree.

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the university transcript.

    • 3. Applicants possessing an official Spanish university degree or one from within the EHEA with at least 300 ECTS credits, 60 of which are at a master's level.

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the university degree.

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the transcript of the ECTS credits of all university courses completed, 60 of which are at a master's level.

    • 4. Applicants with at least two years' positive assessment for the qualification of health sciences specialist:

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the university qualification enabling admission into the specialty.

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the specialist qualification.

    • 5. Applicants with foreign qualifications from outside the EHEA:

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the university qualifications that enable admission to doctoral-level education within the issuing country (authenticated legally).

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of academic certificate of studies that enables admission into doctoral studies (authenticated legally).

      • • If applicable, the documents must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator.

      • • Receipt for having paid the fee for the mandatory equivalence study of qualifications.

    • 6. Applicants possessing a doctoral degree or certificate of research proficiency:

      • • Certified/Authenticated photocopy of the doctoral degree or research proficiency certificate.