Miguel Hernández University

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab (Nau de la Innovació) is the project incubator and accelerator in the Scientific Business Park of the Miguel Hernández University, which supports entrepreneurs, startups (new innovative companies) and spin offs from the Miguel Hernandez University (UMH companies formed on the basis of university technology).

The Innovation Lab provides support services to the entrepreneur such as:

  • • Guidance and tutoring for designing and developing a business model. In this line, the accelerator has an annual program and another intensive program - UMH Marathon for Business Creation and UMH Sprint for Business Creation - where future entrepreneurs can have access to training, workshops, tutorials and awards (85,000 € annually for the best ideas and projects) and free stays in the business incubator.

  • • Workshops and seminars working towards the development of the main capabilities and skills to achieve optimum professional and personal performance within the Liderapia program.

  • • Access to funding through the administration of the UMH Pro-Entrepreneur Fund, as a window to funding from IVACE (Valencian Institute of Competitive Business) for entrepreneurs, working with CDTI (Center for Industrial Technology Development), ENISA (National Innovation), and with Business Angels for our environment, etc.

The Innovation Lab has coworking spaces and a business incubator for the whole business incubation process so businesses can take their first steps.