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UMH Scientific Park Entrepreneur Zone

Foster entrepreneurship and create innovative companies, both within university settings (spin-offs) as well as outside them (startups), which help to diversify and strengthen our business community and encourage the creation of skilled jobs. This has been the objective sought by the Entrepreneur Zone at the UMH Scientific Park since its creation in 2012.

Besides other training activities in which anybody may participate, the Entrepreneur Zone organizes programs open to everybody that offer funding, training, and above all, individual guidance for bolstering innovative startups and spin-offs. Such initiatives that support entrepreneurs include two university programs, the Marathon and Sprint for the Creation of UMH Companies, in addition to another as a coordinating center for the Banco Santander Explorer "Jóvenes con ideas" (Young People with Ideas) national program.

Winners of these initiatives get, in addition to receiving funding, to set themselves up and form part of the network of businesses at the Scientific Park. This entrepreneurial route converts enterprising ideas into innovative startups and spin-offs from a technology- and knowledge-based business ecosystem.

However, not only do the entrepreneurs who go through these programs benefit from this guidance; residents from locales linked to the UMH Entrepreneur program do as well.

UMH Entrepreneur

With the goal of aiding provincial city halls and public institutions as part of its commitment to entrepreneurship and business growth, the UMH created in the province of Alicante the network of public accelerators, UMH Entrepreneur, in 2016. This initiative, managed by the university's Scientific Park, is open to all city halls interested in fostering entrepreneurial acceleration policies and improving the competitiveness of businesses within their municipalities.

Today, UMH Entrepreneur has two venues within the province of Alicante, Aspe and Castalla, which during 2018 celebrated their third and second editions, respectively. Program participants, along with businesses and entrepreneurs, receive advice, training, and comprehensive support from UMH Scientific Park technicians, as well as an innovation agent, and these are tasked with caring for the needs of each municipality. This networking provides complete service with a goal that is as promising as it is ambitious.

Further information is available at www.parquecientificoumh.es/emprendedores

UMH Scientific Park Entrepreneur ZoneUMH Scientific Park Entrepreneur ZoneUMH Scientific Park Entrepreneur ZoneUMH Scientific Park Entrepreneur Zone