Miguel Hernández University

Alumni UMH

Alumni UMH is a service provided by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) as a means for maintaining interaction between graduates and the institution.

As well as encouraging the creation of an academic, social and personal link between graduates and the rest of the groups at the university, Alumni UMH aims to collaborate in the diffusion of UMH activities, to promote the institution's image in a social and economic environment, and to encourage activities which may bring the University and the society it serves closer together, with special attention to UMH graduates.

One of the main attractions of Alumni UMH is that it can be used as a contact network. We believe that helping a group with over 21,000 members in many different countries to generate association is an excellent means of laying the foundations for many advantageous initiatives to thrive.

Among the advantages of belonging to Alumni UMH is that its members can participate in activities offered by the UMH just as any other group from the university community, such as workshops, university extension courses, sports activities and use of the sports facilities, as well as language courses.

Graduates also have access to all discounts, offers and the different advantages available to the university community.

Furthermore, members can work as volunteers and have the opportunity to collaborate in UMH Environmental projects. That is to say, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche has chosen Alumni UMH as the means to continue having a connection with its graduates.