Miguel Hernández University

Honoris Causa conferred

Doctors Honoris Causa by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche in reverse chronological order of their investiture

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Gordon L. AmidonGordon L. Amidon:
January 28, 2015

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Antonio Fraguas de PabloAntonio Fraguas de Pablo:
October 3, 2014

Marcus FelsonMarcus Felson:
June 27, 2014

Francisco García OlmedoFrancisco García Olmedo :
January 28, 2014

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Paco TorreblancaFrancisco Torreblanca García:
June 27, 2013

Quique DacostaEnrique Dacosta Vadillo:
June 27, 2013

Paul MockapetrisPaul Mockapetris:
January 28, 2013

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María Josefa Yzuel GiménezMaría Josefa Yzuel Giménez:
January 27, 2012

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Helga Ellen KolbHelga Ellen Kolb:
October 7, 2011

Richard Alan NormannRichard Alan Normann:
October 7, 2011

Luis GámirLuis Gámir Casares:
January 28, 2011

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Knox LovellC.A. Knox Lovell:
October 1, 2010

Joan Manuel SerratJoan Manuel Serrat i Teresa:
May 21, 2010

Rosa María CalafRosa María Calaf Solé:
June 18, 2010

David ÁlvarezDavid Álvarez Díaz:
May 24, 2010

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Robert Wayne ShawRobert Wayne Shaw:
October 2, 2009

Millán Millán MuñozMillán Millán Muñoz:
January 28, 2009

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George F. SmootGeorge F. Smoot:
November 28, 2008

Rafa BenítezRafael Benítez:
June 4, 2008

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Sean ScullySean Scully:
February 26, 2007

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Manuel ValdésManuel Valdés:
October 6, 2006

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Valentín FusterValentín Fuster:
May 21, 2004

Pedro Amat MuñozPedro Amat Muñoz:
October 29, 2004

Pedro Ruiz TorresPedro Ruiz Torres:
October 29, 2004

Araceli Maciá AntónAraceli Maciá Antón:
October 29, 2004

Joaquín Fuster de CarullaJoaquín Fuster de Carulla:
May 25, 2004

José Antonio EscuderoJosé Antonio Escudero :
January 8, 2004

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S.A.R. la Infanta Doña MargaritaHer Royal Highness The Infanta Doña Margarita de Borbón:
October 7, 2003

Josep CarrerasJosep Carreras Coll:
January 9, 2003

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Juan Rodés TeixidorJuan Rodés Teixidor:
October 4, 2002

Luis García BerlangaLuis García Berlanga:
October 4, 2002

Egon BalasEgon Balas:
September 25, 2002

Antonio García-Bellido y García de DiegoAntonio García-Bellido y García de Diego:
January 28, 2002

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Friederich  WilhemeiglerFriederich Wilhemeigler:
January 26, 2001

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Federico Mayor ZaragozaFederico Mayor Zaragoza:
October 3, 2000

Stephanus Hendrikus TijsStephanus Hendrikus Tijs:
September 27, 2000

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José Ángel Sánchez AsiaínJosé Ángel Sánchez Asiaín:
October 20, 1999

Fernando Álvarez de MirandaFernando Álvarez de Miranda:
October 4, 1999

David CoxDavid Cox:
September 22, 1999

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Pedro Laín EntralgoPedro Laín Entralgo:
October 23, 1998

Miguel HernándezMiguel Hernández, posthumously:
October 19, 1998

David Hunter HubelDavid Hunter Hubel:
October 3, 1998

Torsten N. WieselTorsten N. Wiesel:
October 3, 1998

Jaime Carvajal y UrquijoJaime Carvajal y Urquijo:
October 3, 1998

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Alfonso Escámez LópezAlfonso Escámez López:
October 7, 1997

Manfred EigenManfred Eigen:
October 7, 1997