Miguel Hernández University


The UMH has the mission of serving society by providing quality education, research and services that fully meet its expectations, enabling professional development of the University community members to attain social, economic and technological advancement for all, and the comprehensive development of our students to facilitate their insertion into the workplace.


UMH, a public university

  • Quality: equipped with a quality plan to ensure quality standards in university education, services, research, and innovation.
  • Active and participatory: teams of UMH teachers work with students, getting involved in their education, guiding them and placing their knowledge and professional expertise at their disposal.
  • Multi-campus/Multidisciplinary: The UMH has four university campuses that offer 33 degree programs, providing a comprehensive education for its students from a plural and tolerant university position, adapted to the needs and characteristics of its surroundings.

UMH, a practical university

  • Oriented towards the professional development of students and facilitating their labor market insertion.
  • Linked to the professional world via collaboration agreements with businesses and institutions, allowing the student to combine theoretical knowledge with periods of internships.
  • Open to the world through international agreements, making it possible for the student to complete his/her education at other Spanish, European, or American universities.

UMH, an advanced university

  • Equipped with the most modern infrastructure and technological equipment, making the development of new degree programs and updating those traditional possible.
  • Strong in research, with specialized units led by recognized professionals.
  • With practical and informative resources accessible to the entire university community via its webpage and intranet.